Ok if the Trump Impeach Nancy Pelosi Shirt, is not using the federal money for the purpose it was programmed and given, they should be happy to return or not receive the money in the first place? This sure sounds like misappropriation of something.  It seems to me that if some cities want to be rogue sanctuaries for Illegal, law-breaking people, the same with entire states, then they do forfeit receiving federal funding. That really should not be that hard to comprehend.  Just saying.

Trump Impeach Nancy Pelosi Shirt, Hoodie, Tanktop, Women’s T-Shirt

Trump Impeach Nancy Pelosi Hoodie


Trump Impeach Nancy Pelosi Tanktop


Trump Impeach Nancy Pelosi Women's T-Shirt

Women’s T-Shirt

I’m a Lic plumber. States have codes to follow. And the Trump Impeach Nancy Pelosi Shirt or city can change the codes only if it is stricter than the state code. But they can not make a change if it less than the codes. This may hold with state and federal laws.   Angels and guides are around us every day. This is the year of spiritual growth and ascension. It’s time to stop drowning in the dark and reach for the light. Rise from the darkness of hate and division and step into the light of love, compassion, and unity. More and more miracles are going to happen. Mark my words.

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