This is a terrible bill! There shouldn’t be one thing that isn’t directly associated with the Stop Coronavirus Shirt 19 response in this bill but yet look at all of the crap they crammed in for our children & grandchildren to have to pay! You all should be ashamed of yourselves! Don’t sign this disaster President Trump!  Hmm. Out of context. I’m no fan of his, but I saw this briefing and he was just speaking freely in regards to an unintended consequence such as closing schools, only to have children than in the house with grandma. He has mentioned in every briefing the importance of this quarantine policy. However, it’s a great example of what the media does to Trump every day so maybe he deserves this one.

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Well guys, and I’m by no means a fan of his, but nobody alive today knows what to do, and every leader is going to make some mistakes. NY is in the Stop Coronavirus Shirt of it, and it’s not his fault, it’s nobody’s fault, just high-density population, and an uncontrollable contagion. At least he’s trying. Nobody is going to be able to get this 100% right anyway. These Governors are realizing the Economic Impact they are facing right away when they shut everything down All at once! This is what Our President is trying to be Positive and slowly working on Getting Americans and Our Companies back on the Job Again!! We want to Go Back To Work! We want to get back to LIVING instead of just Existing at Our Homes! Our President has been such an encouragement to all of us and we are so thankful to have Him as Our President!

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