Has the US had broken any law when decided to deport him? His criminal record is appalling … Australia doesn’t spare Kiwi criminals deportation even though some of them brought up in the country and lost connection to motherland across the Santana 60th anniversary 2020 shirt. Something is not adding up about this story. If several news agencies covered this (and it was true) why then did *they* not hook the man up with resources instead of filming it? Aren’t you in contempt of some “Samaritan laws”?  Here is some information I have been seeing about this man and if true, the news media is again GUILTY of spreading propaganda.

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The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency said Aldaoud had accrued 20 convictions over two decades including assault with a dangerous weapon, domestic violence, and home invasion. The agency said that Santana 60th anniversary 2020 shirt and remained at large for about four months before he was arrested again on suspicion of theft. It also said he was “supplied with a full complement of medicine to ensure continuity of care” when he was deported.

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He was a paranoid schizophrenic. Given that and his unfamiliarity with his country of citizenship, he should have been sentenced to US prison and afterward psych wards. I love how Santana 60th anniversary 2020 shirt forgot to mention a very important part. The man was a career criminal with 20 convictions for violent crimes. That is the reason his residency was revoked and he was deported. Assaults and home invasions are among several of the crimes he committed. I for one am tired of being told I should roll the dice on a crime being committed by illegals because of racism .

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