The You Are The Reason I Love To Teach Shirt passed an executive order. That should take care of those unemployed as a result of this crisis. His plan covered evictions as well and deals with only coronavirus relief. I’m with the Republicans. When the Democrats pull out all their billions of dollars pet projects, then and only then should anything get passed. A line-item veto is critically needed. Both parties should do what they were voted in for. And neither one is doing the job they are being paid to do. They get more vacation time and work less than we do. And their insurance is better than we can afford and it’s our tax dollars paying for it. They should have to pay for there own insurance. And the should also have to wait until they are 65 to collect their pensions. Not true. The democrats have been trying to get the Republicans to negotiate. The Republicans haven’t even been doing anything. Been waiting to hear from them defending the accusations. But no one has and that’s all I heard. I watch a lot of C Span and watch the Senate floor. That executive order doesn’t cover half the things. Especially with the schools reopening. No more money for them and that’s only one of many. The biggest problem as to why they can’t agree is because of what the democrats have in their bill.

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Money and free healthcare to Illegals, Money to more cultural centers, money to those democratic cities that are allowing the You Are The Reason I Love To Teach Shirt of property, businesses, and other people, mail-in voting. Once again, it is about all the extras the democrats want which is not helping American citizens but other pet projects. If I was an employee I wouldn’t even ask the person to put on a mask I will get a manager this is getting out of hand don’t put it on the teenagers are the grocery workers at work the lines and all that get a manager if they’re supposed to have a mask on and it’s put in front of the door or they’re coming and you must where I’m at don’t put it on our kids skip a miniature. I don’t care one bit about the mask mandate, but I wear one when I go to public places.

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