this has been brewing for decades, all previous administrations have had trouble with N Korea, and it will continue, but I’d rather have Trump at the Put Me In Coach Vintage Shirt, than weak Quid Pro Joe running the show. North Korea’s leader is telling us the exact reason they seek Nuclear Weapons. Economically they are cut off from US allies and we have them surrounded Militarily. Open the Markets, remove the Military and I guarantee in a Generation the clowns like Kim and the Communists will be out of power if not sooner. South Korea should defend themselves. We have been there since 1950. War ended in 1953. Time to leave! There are currently around 10 million people on Obama care. Most of those receiving what they call Premium Subsidies. When I looked to see what that is its basically Medicaid. People can’t afford Obama care. The premiums are high as well as the deductibles.

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Put Me In Coach Vintage Women's T-Shirt

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Trump wanted to repeal and replace. Unfortunately, the Put Me In Coach Vintage Shirt didn’t have a plan. That was shocking to me. They had years prior to Trump’s election to come up with a plan. They dropped the ball on this one. Besides their reasoning… I think using no photos is good. Because I think our military sometimes become targets no matter their race or ethnicity. I think their identities should be kept secret. Only their family should know them of course. This way the enemy doesn’t know who they are and the element of surprise is a better tool in the war on terror, drugs, and other missions. Just a thought. 

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