Under the policy, the Pin Auf Viking Shirt homes receiving the patients were barred from testing the patients to see if they might still be contagious. Vote him out! Really, with the convention so close they still haven’t decided who the VP pick is? Either they are lying and afraid to say or this is typical democrat policies of waiting to the last minute to announce. Sought of like Obama care where they had to pass it to find out what was in it. Now you will have to vote for Joe before they tell you who VP is. What is wrong? They were supposed to announce last week and now it is this week. I guess the country will need to wait until the convention to find out leaving less time for the negative news cycle regardless of who they have picked. Won’t be watching. Biden is all over the place. He says he’s progressive one minute and moderates the next! Actually, he says what he thinks the group in front of him might approve so he will get votes.

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Joe Biden isn’t fit to be President and the Pin Auf Viking Shirt knows it. It’s all about the VP candidate. And all the possibilities are way far to the left. Dangerous. “We’re going to be working with Central Asian countries that have a lot of potentials, but continue to have old laws on the books that restrict women’s ability to participate in the economy fully,” said a senior administration official. “We’re going to be working with them to help them change their laws and policies.” I WONDER HOW SUCCESSFUL THIS WILL BE IN EURO-ASIA? ANCIENT TRADITIONS OF MEN IN POWER! Tough road ahead? 

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