He’s right. Absentee ballots are treated differently than mail-ins. The Official Wendigo Old Fashioned Cannibalism Shirt service is about to go under, that’s why Pelosi earmarked so much money in the coronavirus relief package to try to salvage the USPS.Total corruption from the “Progressives” (Communists) in Congress. If you want to get rid of voting fraud, make it public so we can confirm our own votes on a public database! It’s the secrecy that causes fraud! We’re not children, we publish our political views on social media every day and hold our own ground. We don’t need secret ballots! We need to be able to see for ourselves that our votes are recorded as we cast them! Donnie, I love you. But way too often you are your own worst enemy! You are equating two different situations. Mail-in voting is very very dangerous. To democracy. proclaiming that you might suspend an election via executive action..is unconstitutional and completely embarrassing to even suggest it. 

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Oh my gosh, I feel a rant coming on! How ignorant does one have to be to think that mass mail-in voting won’t be rife with fraud! Also, think about the Official Wendigo Old Fashioned Cannibalism Shirt that the US Postal Service was on the brink of going bankrupt just a couple of months ago. Even if we had a verifiable system in place, USPS would not be able to handle the influx of mail. The proof is how they are handling mail-in ballots right now in the early voting states. This is nothing more than a bunch of malarkey! People are going to stores and work every day and can go vote! Much blood and treasure have been spent to keep our country a democracy & free.

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