I want to see the Official Stethoscope Milwaukee Brewers Nurses Shirt GOP caucus of this totally biased committee to walk out & refuse to participate! This is NOT doing the public’s work! For Nadler, this is just a continuation of their failed impeachment hearings! He is not trying to improve how govt functions! He and his Dem cronies are just searching for gotcha questions!! You already know that come vote time it will be strictly on party lines so what’s the use? Stop giving credibility to these wanna be “assassins” & stop playing their twisted games! You know for some people it’s not up to us if we go back to work. I work union construction and it’s not up to me it’s up to the construction jobs getting back to where they were.

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Not my fault I lost my job it was the “Official Stethoscope Milwaukee Brewers Nurses Shirt”. I have no control over when I go back to work I just wait on the list and wait for a call. If you refuse work and to go back you should not be able to collect the benefits but if it’s not your fault then you should. People act like us unemployed chose this!! Our jobs have closed down, or they are at half capacity! I (a waitress) haven’t gotten called back yet, and those ones that have, are making 60% what they made before because people aren’t dining in as they did before! Everyone is scattering, trying to find new jobs but everywhere is having the same issues!

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