This has been in the Official Nameowte Paws Breath Shirt stages for many months. no need to make a partisan, bias issue of this. FOX was one a place that took pride in its motto. “We report, you decide” and lately, the spin is closer to what CNN is peddling. If I wanted that, I would change channels. Fox. Get back to your roots. You remember, “We Report, You Decide”? The headline is fine. Ascribing motivation to the President’s move is editorializing and we’re sick of it. It’s why more often than not we turn off Fox these days when the President is speaking. You’re about to lose your base and that means your market share will plummet – unless you want to go into the pile of use-ta-be’s. If America doesn’t wake up and get on it knees and start praying and asking God for forgiveness and repenting for all the abortions that have been allowed in this country and the world And you need to start putting God back in your lives wake up America so you can wake up the rest of the world in God we trust. 

Official Nameowte Paws Breath Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Women’s T-Shirt

Official Nameowte Paws Breath Hoodie


Official Nameowte Paws Breath Sweatshirt


Official Nameowte Paws Breath Women's T-Shirt

Women’s T-Shirt

These mayors and governors are weak! Take control of the Official Nameowte Paws Breath Shirt that needs to be recovered and ridden of these violent riots and criminal activities like arson, vandalism, looting, assaults, and murders. This is ridiculous people still should be obeying the laws.  the strictest gun laws together with Chicago but highest in gun arrest criminals don’t care about laws better even out the playing field with these fools but democrats want their law-abiding citizens at their mercy can’t protect themselves. No need to hold them accountable.

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