That’s why we’re in this position in Texas. Opening too soon gave young people the Official The Beatles 1960-2020 Guitar Shirt everybody was safe. There weren’t requirements on masks so that meant more cases. There’s not just increased testing, there are more cases per 100 tests. The higher rate is a disturbing sign that we’re in trouble. People who aren’t taking this seriously and making excuses are the problem and we just wasted a lot of time and money to be right back where we started! This is so stupid to limit some and not all. Why close down bars but Walmart, Home Depot, Liquor stores, massage places, salons, etc., are still open? Not only open but there isn’t social distancing going on. Such a tricky virus that only attacks people in bars! The lunacy continues… People should have a choice. If they want to stay home, stay home. If they want to risk their health, go out.

Official The Beatles 1960-2020 Guitar Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Women’s T-Shirt

Official The Beatles 1960-2020 Guitar Hoodie


Official The Beatles 1960-2020 Guitar Sweatshirt


Official The Beatles 1960-2020 Guitar Women's T-Shirt

Women’s T-Shirt

Lockdowns have far greater consequences than the Official The Beatles 1960-2020 Guitar Shirt chance of dying from COVID. People are losing their businesses, losing their families, their homes- suicides are increasing, mental health issues are on the rise. The economy is in a downward spiral – this country is heading into some dark territory and I pray we can fix all the damage that’s being done.  It’s coming people…I have said it a hundred times since all this started….they are going to shut us down again (or try to) and then claim it’s not safe to go out and vote….mark my words….unless we stand up…this madness is never going to end! And before anyone says if you had COVID you wouldn’t say that…I did have COVID…or so they tell me.

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