Don Ardoin No. I don’t blame their parents for the government choosing to handle things this way and for not charging the employer with any crimes. These children are collateral damage. Melissa Pakula Kirchhoff I blame the parents for putting the kids in this situation don’t act like they don’t know that the government’s doing it and the No worries I’ll ask grandpa shirt of this and they chose to come here illegally and not either apply for citizenship or seek asylum. America is a stolen land! Our ancestors who came first in America were illegals! They took the land by force from Native Americans!

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Open your hearts people because life is a game with boomerangs and tomorrow you can be one of those who suffer today! The No worries I’ll ask grandpa shirt of these chicken processing plants openly advertised these jobs to undocumented workers. They made big promises. They got fake working papers for the workers. When the workers are detained, what is happening to these employers? Jeff Sellers And yet the owners and managers who hired them also committed a crime and aren’t yanked from their families.

No worries I'll ask grandpa Unisex


No worries I'll ask grandpa Sweatshirt


No worries I'll ask grandpa Tank Top

Tank Top

Not to mention, crossing the border illegally is a civil misdemeanor, while hiring the undocumented is a felony. Melissa Pakula Kirchhoff If companies would not employ them they would not come! They do not belong unless they enter legally!!! Fine the companies severely! I don’t blame them for coming here I wouldn’t want to live in Mexico either but do it legally, persecute the No worries I’ll ask grandpa shirt, respect, & bus ride back below the border to the illegal immigrants. Melissa Pakula Kirchhoff if Obammy had not illegally created DACA out of thin air, she’d be back in Mexico long ago.

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