Oops not so long ago. We came together as a nation in our time of tribulation during WW2. Why can’t we be careful and pull the Native American Grandpa Bear Shirt a little tighter? Mask mandate doing exactly what it’s supposed to do. Cause mayhem and conflict. Stupidest thing I heard to wear masks outside. The family should have not gone if they didn’t like the request but stupid of sesame st. Park making the mandate. So many sheep in our country. Add our amazing governor of Michigan to your list…..I don’t believe the number of deaths in the hospitals actually due to COVID for a moment…..much less. However, I believe the number of deaths in nursing homes much higher than they are reporting because Whitmer continues to put COVID patients in nursing homes. ALL LIES… Anyone that thinks this is not real is totally mistaken. I am recovering from it and Sunday evening I lost the love of my life and long time wife to this terrible virus.

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I had my doubts about it in the Native American Grandpa Bear Shirt, but please listen and take this seriously. If the evil politicians would quit using this as a political football and work together we may be able to get a hold on this. Everyone stay safe. Bill. And no one will ask Cuomo why he didn’t use the hospital that was built or the ship that was sent. Instead, he sends infected to the most vulnerable. Seems like he wanted to kill the elderly. I’m sure it didn’t have anything to do with the cost of nursing home care for the patients there and the amount that would be saved when he kills them. On March 25, Cuomo, saying he feared that an onslaught of COVID victims would overwhelm hospitals, issued an order that required nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients being discharged from hospitals, so long as they were “medically stable.”

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