I just wonder who is really in control of all that has been happening. I could only assume it’s very wealthy powerful people who want full control and would sacrifice anyone and everyone to gain this power. Turning people to hate and harm others because a house divided is easy to conquer. If you think times are bad now, wait until The Muppets Haters Gonna Hate Shirt is a communist country. I’m disabled but I post the truth every day. The news or the Democrats will never tell the American public what is truly going on I am bound and determined to get out the truth. I know that I have lost friends over my posts but it is a small sacrifice if America is not lost. Trump must-win. I changed party in 2016 to vote for Trump and I will vote in November to keep him. Thank you for your encouragement. This isn’t a communist country and I will not be forced to wear a dam thing just because he said so. Biden is an incompetent joke who doesn’t know where he is or even what day it is most of the time.

The Muppets Haters Gonna Hate Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Women’s T-Shirt

The Muppets Haters Gonna Hate Hoodie


The Muppets Haters Gonna Hate Sweatshirt


The Muppets Haters Gonna Hate Women's T-Shirt

Women’s T-Shirt

He can’t answer direct questions, especially when it comes to women who have accused him of sexual misconduct, will get in The Muppets Haters Gonna Hate Shirt of and scream at the American Public, and is a straight out liar. People need to open their eyes, the Democratic Party is manipulating and using them. They are the ones allowing the violence, riots, looting, and destruction of Federal monuments all in the hopes the American people will blame President Trump and cost him the election. 

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