. Bloomberg covered the Don’t Threated Me With A Good Time Shirt by the Labour Party of their so-called “Business Manifesto”, but did not provide counterbalancing air time to the Conservatives or Liberal Democrats. With the media outlets he has here, it wouldn’t surprise me if he did the same thing here. A vote for Mini-Mike Bloomberg is a vote for Hillary Clinton! If by some miracle, Bloomberg wins the Democrat Party nomination and beats President Trump in the general election in November, Mike Bloomberg will be “suicided” by the Clinton Crime Family’s Suicide Squad shortly after taking the oath of office. There shouldn’t be any grey area, it’s a crime to aid and abet a criminal, any fugitive on the run from immigration authorities is breaking the law, therefore, is a criminal. Aiders and abetters need to be arrested whether they be politicians or the general public.

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We all praise President Trump for this, that is, those who believe in American Sovereignty and the Don’t Threated Me With A Good Time Shirt of Law! I am appalled, as an American citizen, at those who don’t mind our country being invaded and they don’t care by who, it is unconscionable to me as someone who’s family has fought and died for our country’s Sovereignty!  Those who establish and enforce these sanctuary policies have blood on their hands. They are protecting hardcore criminals who bring death and destruction to innocent people including those of the immigrant community. It isn’t small-time thieves or people committing misdemeanors. They are protecting the worst of the worst. When these criminals cause harm, the politicians are just as guilty as the perpetrators.  Everywhere you look in Louisiana illegals are running over each over.

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