I want to gently challenge you to really think about what this would look like. Never eating out, never celebrating with a fancy dinner with friends somewhere, never being able to relax over a meal. Never pick up a quick meal when Chucky Free hugs shirt is running late or had a very hard day. It’s hard for us who don’t live with deadly allergies to really connect with that experience. But telling someone to just never eat out can be ableist. It is and should be the providers’ responsibility to know what they are providing and inform customers of this.

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I agree the risk of eating out was too high. Expecting restaurant to get your order right, that never goes well even on a simple order. So sad and tragic. I know plenty of folks who still can go out and enjoy themselves without eating the Chucky Free hugs shirt . If it might kill you, why take the risk? Is it really a lot to ask for a restaurant to know what’s in the food they prepare and cook? It shouldn’t matter if you have allergies or not, the people cooking food for customers should know what they are cooking with.

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You did realize that EpiPens are a thing? And shes not saying cook most, shes saying cook ALL. As in never eat in any restaurant, at friends, nowhere but what she herself prepared. In today’s society that is unlikely to happen for very long. The Chucky Free hugs shirt comes because he didn’t have an EpiPen and the restaurant should have to carry them as well. Proper administration of epinephrine would have allowed him to continue breathing long enough for EMS to arrive and transport to a hospital.

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