Then there are all that credit card balances that have only risen during this pandemic. Nobody has any conventional savings because banks got greedy and stopped paying any interest at all on their savings accounts. (OK, they pay a teensy tiny amount of interest, like 0.0001%.) It’s LONG overdue to end this imprisonment and get everyone back to work, as long as you didn’t work for one of the Cake Dealer Vintage Shirt of businesses that went out of business. We need to do a LIVE vote online. If we cant go to the voting booths. Schools are loaning out computers, tablets, laptops along with FREE WIFI so that student studies are counted….our poll stations should do the same. Watch each individual vote LIVE …NO FRAUD a video of each voter and a video of their selections. I also could follow up to verify votes.

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Who cares about privacy? Unless you have something to hide!!! I want to know where my vote is going! If they say we can’t go to the Cake Dealer Vintage Shirt stations. Absolutely terrible! Such defiance should be seen as a threat to the safety of residents of the state and should be punishable to the highest extent of the law. Much like our governor here in Illinois, citizens continue to defy his authority which is jeopardizing the safety of citizens like myself who are following his requests because they are only looking out for our well being. Stop being so hard-headed and let our elected officials guide us to a bright, safe, and healthy future. Shout out to my nigga Gov. 

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