They, the Bernie Sanders Communist Shirt is being investigated for real crimes committed by the previous administration and holdovers. Nothing the President has done has turned up anything worth investigating. Just a waste of time. He is not a crooked politician like those with over 40+ years in Washington who have become millionaires through “pay to play” using their adult children as the funnel where monies are delivered as reported and with evidence. Their turn is coming soon.  If only they would investigate their own with the same vigor as they do this President, we would probably have half the house and Senate in prison including Hillary, Biden, and Hunter to name just a few.  he’s getting it done. they have done nothing but waste time and money.

Bernie Sanders Communist Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Women’s T-Shirt

Bernie Sanders Communist Hoodie


Bernie Sanders Communist Women's T-Shirt

Women’s T-Shirt

Bernie Sanders Communist Sweatshirt


I hope nancy is called to resign, the Bernie Sanders Communist Shirt lose the house and trump gets re-elected so that he can declassify all the documents and other evidence we already have on people in that party. we need a new start in Washington and these democrats are acting like whiny children.  I hope they do, and we can then drain the entire swamp in one election. Please do it, Nancy, as you will never be speaker again anyway, she also won’t run again after this disaster she will retire. Let your vote count against this nonsense in November. The Dems have lost all credibility with their ongoing persecution of this president and won’t stop until they get their way. Make their day by re-electing Trump and show them that their actions are insulting all of us. 

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