Ok, hundreds of thousands of Chinese had coronavirus before anything was said which really means nobody has the #BeGolden MHS 2020 State Playoffs Shirt clue how many people in the United States or worldwide has it, died from it or got better and didn’t even know they had it … Either stop feeding the fake news or get your food from Jim Bakker and stay indoors a few years ….. The lefts are totally screwed up! Blame the Chinese Communist Party and its corrupted and weak government, NOT TRUMP!. I’ve always given respect to all different political opinions or viewpoints from the lefts and keep my manner calm. But this is all bs. The virus created and originated in the Chinese’s bio-lab in Wuhan of China.

#BeGolden MHS 2020 State Playoffs Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Women’s T-Shirt

#BeGolden MHS 2020 State Playoffs Sweatshirt


#BeGolden MHS 2020 State Playoffs Hoodie


#BeGolden MHS 2020 State Playoffs Women's T-Shirt

Women’s T-Shirt

That’s why the #BeGolden MHS 2020 State Playoffs Shirt was called Wuhan Virus (the Chinese named this virus). UNLESS the lefts are either swallowing or being shoved deep into their throats with Chinese money and profits to point fingers at our president to make noise so people can forget who was the real culprit. Well, she *is* a medical expert and therefore has great experience with how to handle a situation such as a coronavirus, and has insights into the inner workings of the govt on a day-to-day basis so, at any given moment, she knows who is taking care of what and talking to whom, so, you know, she should know. Matt Gaetz is a classic example of why Americans don’t trust politicians. Last week, he was mocking Coronavirus precautions. This week, he’s playing it up. Just be honest with your constituents.  

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