It’s grossly unfair to take out one’s rage on an innocent worker just trying to enforce a mandated policy, either by the Bat And Black Cat Dungeon Meowster Shirt Governor or place of business. And, shame on businesses that would put employees in a situation that could escalate in bodily harm. They should have security handle mask mandates. Not to appear that I approve of punching people over having to wear a mask, but we’ve seen people getting screeched at, pepper-sprayed, arrested, and shot at for not wearing a mask, not to mention LA residents being threatened with the loss of power and water for non-compliance. A punch in the face seems kinda tame at this point.  Don’t see anyone in that picture wearing a mask…but an employee has to do what he was hired to do. Go punch out the OWNER if you want to punch someone. Just stay away, don’t spend your money there if you don’t agree with their rules.

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Bat And Black Cat Dungeon Meowster Sweatshirt


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Bat And Black Cat Dungeon Meowster Women's T-Shirt

Women’s T-Shirt

Masks don’t work much, not really…if they did, they’d tell the Bat And Black Cat Dungeon Meowster Shirt in prison to wear them instead of letting them out in society, but I wear one because they’ve asked me to, and it might help a little. The mask mandate has certainly shown us all the people who: A) never had to do anything they didn’t want to; B) have some odd notion that life is fair; C) believe that just because they think a certain way, everyone else must accept it, regardless of merit. Long long ago, we rationed rubber, meat, nylon, gasoline, and other products. Some people carried gas masks. We had blackout shades for our houses and were careful about lights being on. We had scrap drives and we volunteered.

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