Some people, if they’re the slightest bit wealthy, established and popular eventually flip their politics to the Right because they want to remain with “the rich and famous” from then on. One way to know who they are in history is to check which Hollywood celebrities put on the uniform and went to war in WW II, and which ones either pretended to go fight or ignored the war completely. Besides this, the art should be divorced from the actor/artist. For example, I still enjoy Michael Jackson’s music, it’s not important what he did or not. If she supports 20 years of Matrix 1999 2019 shirt police is perfect, I believe that we have to respect the opinions of anyone not only those that are in sync with you.

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People complained that at the time of the Yuen Long attacks, they called the 999 police hotline, but their calls were not answered for a long time. The belated show‑up of the police, as well as their failure to protect citizens and make immediate arrests, has also raised doubts about whether they were “conniving” at the assault.  When it came to light that some of the attackers were triad members and some were known to pro-establishment lawmaker Junius Ho Kwan-you, it was a government and police collusion with triads! Yes, she supports the police, loves mainland 20 years of Matrix 1999 2019 shirt but has US citizenship? Should she have posted this message with her Huawei phone to show the passionate Chinese patriotism? But she posted it on the iPhone.

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What a contradiction! We’re not impressed with what we are seeing on televisions about Hong Kong. We are miles away but we are feeling pains with those who are being molested by police as they exercise their democratic rights. The situation has escalated due to invasion by opposition to political parties. 20 years of Matrix 1999 2019 shirt are cooperated with gangs to carry out terrorist attacks on innocent citizens in residential areas and none of the gang members are arrested. Police also describes protestors as “cockroaches” which is a symbol of Nazism. As a human, no one should support Nazism.

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