He could have easily just sat back and closed his eyes and made it through the 1 Day 1 Hour 1 Minute 1 Second At A Time Shirt. I wish she would have recorded the flight attendant though, I would have liked to have seen that response myself.  I have had the person in front of me recline so far back that It was as if they were sitting in the seat with me. I had to get an attendant who did make them put it up. It seems the person at fault here was the airline for making the seats so tight. The guy behind her was at the back of the plane w no way to recline. After tapping, she still didn’t move. Very entitled lady. Flights are stressful anyhow, no need to be Uncooperative on a plane.  I never recline my seat anymore- there’s just not enough space for the person behind you. I’ve only been on four flights this year so far, but no one in front of me reclined seats either – and two of the flights were cross country.  I don’t like the people who recline all the way either so I don’t recline unless I’m on a night or early morning flight. Very rare. However, you paid for the seat. If said seat reclines that is your real estate. The people around you have the same options. It’s nothing to get upset over. His actions were childish and you should not have been subjected to that behavior. In my opinion.

1 Day 1 Hour 1 Minute 1 Second At A Time Shirt, Hoodie, Tanktop, Women’s t-Shirt

1 Day 1 Hour 1 Minute 1 Second At A Time Hoodie


1 Day 1 Hour 1 Minute 1 Second At A Time Tanktop


1 Day 1 Hour 1 Minute 1 Second At A Time Women's T-Shirt

Women’s T-Shirt

  I think this lady is a stinker. With such close quarters, it’s not nice to lay in the 1 Day 1 Hour 1 Minute 1 Second At A Time Shirt space the passenger has from behind. Couldn’t she just be nice and comply? Some people have a fear of tight areas. It’s not like it’s an 8 hour flight. She was just making a point by being stubborn. I think she is just rude. Am I the only one that thinks his actions were wrong? The seats recline which gives the person sitting in them to recline. If he was done eating, deal with it. He could have asked her to keep it in the upright position because he was feeling cramped. No, he decided to assault her seat with her in it. If you ask me, he’s the one that was being rude. Flight attendants know how to handle these situations and that one should have been fired. This is interesting to me. I fly a few times a year and I do typically recline my seat. Those in front of me do as well. It’s only another 2 inches or so. I’ve never asked permission to do so, nor have I ever been asked by the person in front of me. If it wasn’t allowed, the option would not be there. 

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