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Plan for diminishing power needs, plan to scuttle store waste in the fewest and least vulnerable locations, etc. That is the plan offered by the longstanding.To be honest, the only country that has any form of population control in China and eventually, the rest of the world needs to follow suit. This video is very […]

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The fact that you all contemplate on this matter at all already making you a much better parent than many that contributed to overpopulation just by being care of consequences. Most of the overpopulation problems come from too little education in parents. Those who have many children tend to have low education and consent. Consent […]

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The mass population leads to mass extinction. Nature has its way of keeping us all in check no matter how many conspiracy theories you can fabricate to avoid changing for better. If people weren’t so arrogantly pious, they’d learn that humans aren’t above that. Especially, humans. Michael Pozyn God also said thou shall not kill, […]

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The earth has been populated and subdued to the point that it’s not going to sustain life much longer. What a great “thanks” to God, destroying the one earth we have  He also gave us common sense which people choose to ignore bc they are narcissistic and want to breed their own kids rather than […]